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Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothbrushes have been specially designed by dental experts for children aged 3 – 5 years old. These toothbrushes have a full range of colourful characters to help engage kids and encourage them to brush their teeth. Colourful animal clip on bristle protectors to help e..
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Colgate Extra Clean Medium Toothbrushes have been specially designed with a cleaning tip that can reach and clean even your back teeth. It also features a tongue cleaner that removes odour-causing bacteria so your whole mouth can feel extra clean and fresh. Dentists and hygienists recommend replacin..
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Colgate's twister fresh toothbrush tells you when it's time to replace your brush by changing the colour of the bristles from blue to white, helping to ensure you are always taking care of your mouth with a suitable toothbrush! The unique brush is designed with a ribbed tongue cleaner which removes ..
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Claradent Toothbrushes have rounded bristles that help protect your gums and tooth enamel. They clean deep between the teeth and have an easy-to-hold, comfortable grip. It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every 3 months.Medium Gentle on teeth and gums  Round-tipped bristles ..
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