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NHS Prescriptions delivered by iPharm

Order, track and receive your NHS prescriptions right to your door when you order with iPharm – we’ll even deliver your prescribed medication for free in discreet packaging 

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How it Works

Order your medicine
Order your medicine
Place your order online for your repeat prescription.
Your GP Approves
Your GP Approves
We will contact your GP to order your prescription.
Next Day Delivery
Next Day Delivery
Once your GP has approved, your prescription will be delivered next day.

Making Prescriptions Easier

Ordering NHS Prescriptions in the library

Manage your NHS prescriptions all in one place | Order Medicine | Receive Reminders

Our free to use NHS prescription delivery service gives you full control over your medication. Order your prescriptions online, once your GP has approved your prescription have them delivered next day with our fast and free delivery service; we’ll even send you a friendly reminder when your next order is due, so you’ll never run out again! Want to know more about our NHS prescription delivery service? Read our FAQ’s or submit an enquiry for more information. 

Helping a parent order their medicine

Help a friend or relative | Manage their medication | Arrange Delivery | Receive Reminders

If you’re currently caring for a friend or relative, they can nominate you to manage their NHS prescriptions with iPharm. You’ll be able to manage their prescriptions, arrange for delivery and receive reminders when it’s due to be reordered. When signing up for our prescription delivery service select ‘signing up for somebody else’ and follow the additional steps provided. Once registration has been completed you will be able to manage their prescriptions like you would your own! It’s that simple. 

NHS Prescription Delivery FAQ

Our NHS prescription delivery service is available for all patients who are registered with a GP in England. If you are registered to a GP in England but live in a different part of the UK, you can still use our prescription delivery service to have your medication delivered.

*Some rural addresses may be excluded from our delivery service, please contact us for more details.

We aim to dispense and dispatch your medication on the same day that your GP sends confirmation by providing us with an electronic prescription, we request this as soon as you submit your prescription request to us. As soon as confirmation is received, our team will pack your medication in discreet packaging and ship it to you using a tracked next day delivery service.

Please note that next day delivery is subject to delivery cut off times, working hours, postage delays and stock availability.

Our prescription delivery service is completely free to use.

Unless exempt, you will still have to pay the standard NHS prescription charge, but you will never be charged for the delivery of your medication.

We use a tracked next day delivery service to ensure your prescription arrives to you quickly and securely. Don’t forget to check your NHS prescriptions dashboard for tracking information.

If you’ve not agreed to letterbox delivery or the parcel is too large to fit through your letterbox, then a missed delivery card will be left at your property so that you'll know that we’ve been. The available alternative delivery or collection options will be stated on the card so you can arrange to have your medication in time before you run out.

We schedule your prescription reminders to go out ten days before you are due to run out of your medication, this gives you plenty of time to reorder your prescription and receive it before you run out.

Never miss our reminders by adding ipharm to your email whitelist – this will stop our emails from going to your spam or junk folder.

We deliver to all patients across the UK who are registered to a GP surgery in England. Please note that some rural addresses may be excluded from our delivery service, please contact us for more details if you have any concerns.

If you don’t normally pay for your NHS prescriptions then you won’t need to pay anything when ordering your medication through iPharm, and don’t worry, its really easy to set up. 

I don’t have an account yet: When you are registering for your prescription account, we will ask if you are exempt from paying for your NHS prescriptions, at this stage, you should select yes and choose the reason for exemption from the list provided.

I already have an account: If you’ve already set up a prescription account with us but are now exempt from payment, you can simply update your information in your account details.


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