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First Aid & PPE

You never know what’s going to happen, that’s why it’s so important to have a first aid kit that’s fully stocked and ready for any type of accident or emergency. Explore our range of first aid essentials, from burn spray to bandages our range of premium branded products will have you covered for all kinds of emergencies.

Brand: Compeed
Compeed Medium Blister Plasters provide instant pain relief. Whilst forming a protective cushion, the plaster absorbs excess moisture and provides optimum healing conditions for foot blisters. Compeed hydrocolloid technology is a gel with moisture-absorbing particles. Thick cushioning redistributes ..
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Brand: Elastoplast
Even superficial wounds can become infected if they’re not cleansed effectively. Cleansing the wound is an essential first step for optimal healing and it is recommended for all types of wounds. Elastoplast Wound Spray is an easy to use spray for the antiseptic cleansing of minor acute wounds such a..
Ex Tax:£3.13
Brand: Savlon
Savlon Advanced Healing Gel helps soothe the pain of minor wounds and superficial burns. Its hydro-active colloid gel creates optimal healing conditions to support the skin’s healing process. ..
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Brand: Flowflex
The Flowflex antigen rapid test is a lateral flow test that can be used to detect COVID-19 through a nasal swab. It’s quick and easy to use, and you can have your results in just 15 minutes. This test kit uses the latest patented technology to detect proteins and ensure that new strains of the COVID..
Ex Tax:£1.99
Brand: Flowflex
Looking for reliable Covid-19 testing kits at an affordable price? Our Flowflex Covid test kits are fast and efficient, approved by the UK Government and trusted by thousands across the UK. The rapid lateral flow antigen testing kits are designed to quickly identify Covid-19 to help you prevent the ..
Ex Tax:£9.99
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