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There’s nothing as exciting as planning your holiday away and getting all of your travel essentials together. Whether you’re planning a foreign trip to catch some sun, preparing to wrap or warm for some winter activities, or just staying here in the UK, iPharm is the perfect place to get all your travel toiletries together so you’re fully prepared for your time away from home.

Are you travelling abroad? Some countries may require proof of a negative Covid-19 test upon entry so it’s important to do all your checks and be prepared. This PCR testing kit will be delivered directly to your door for at-home testing – you’ll receive a sample collection kit and once you’ve regist..
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Calypso Kids Sun lotion SPF50 works to protect your little one’s delicate skin from the dangers of sun exposure. The specially curated hypoallergenic formula blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your child's skin and reduces the risk of sunburn during extended periods spent in the sun. C..
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Incognito anti-mosquito roll-on is one of the most effective and strongest repellents, offering lasting protection from the most unusual biting insects, such as sandflies, gnats, horseflies and ticks. Incognito’s roll-on formula is curated using 100% natural ingredients and complimented with a light..
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Incognito Insect Repellent Spray provides protection against mosquitoes, midges, sandflies, horseflies, ticks and many more insects. The formula has been clinically tested to be highly effective for up to 4 hours. Incognito spray has been certified by the Soil Association as 100% natural, containing..
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Jungle Formula Bite & Sting Relief Spray works to effectively soothe and relieve the discomfort and itching of bites and stings, including nettle stings. The spray nozzle delivers directly to the affected area.Soothes & relieves For insect bites, insect stings and nettle stings Suitable f..
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We all need a little pampering when we're feeling ill. Kleenex Balsam tissues are a kinder way to treat your skin. With balm care infused into every sheet, no longer shall we suffer through dry irritated noses for a week after our colds departed. Kleenex are infused with the soothing calendula oil, ..
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Kwells Kids Tablets are specially formulated to provide fast and effective sickness relief to children. Travel sickness can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for children, mixed messages in the body often triggers the feeling of nausea. Kwells Kids tablets can be taken before the journey to pre..
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Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets are the perfect solution for anyone suffering from the discomfort of travel sickness. If you’re looking for a fast and effective treatment for travel sickness, these easy to take tablets are a great solution. They’re perfect for anyone who plans on travelling, whether ..
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Lypsyl original is a lip balm uniquely formulated to help repair and hydrate damaged lips. With its nourishing combination of shea butter, cocoa butter and natural beeswax infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, this balm will enrich your lips and form a protective layer over the top to prevent them f..
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Nivea Sun After Sun Moisturising Lotion cools and soothes the skin, providing instant relief. Its quickly absorbed cooling formula intensively moisturises the skin for up to 48 hours. Use after exposure to the sun to avoid peeling or flaking – specially formulated with Organic Aloe Vera and Hyaluron..
Ex Tax:£3.96
Nivea Sun Face Sun Cream prevents the appearance of sun-induced fine lines and wrinkles, with its highly effective SPF30 protection against sunburn and sun-induced skin damage. The moisturising face cream immediately protects against sun exposure and helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies. This s..
Ex Tax:£10.03
Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Sensitive Roll-on provides children with highly effective SPF 50+ protection against sunburn and sun-induced skin damage. Specially designed unscented caring formula for children’s delicate and sensitive skin. The high UVA protection helps to reduce the risk of sun-induced a..
Ex Tax:£3.20
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