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Burn Relief

Brand: Acriflex
Acriflex cooling gel is clinically proven to heal inflamed areas of skin and offer symptom relief while the affected area is inflamed. The gel works by cooling the skin and bringing hydration to the skins surface, thereby promoting natural repair through your body’s natural repair system. Acriflex’s..
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Brand: Burnaid
BurnAid Burn Kit is a handy first aid burn treatment kit that is perfect for first-aid kits, home and workplace use. The Burnaid burn kit contains a selection of Burnaid products including dressing and hydrogel sachets so you will be prepared with the right treatment when a burn occurs. The kit is s..
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Brand: Burnaid
Burnaid Gel spray should be a staple for every home, office or travel first-aid kit. The burnaid gel spray formula is designed to treat and relieve the symptoms of minor burns, scalds, and sunburn offering immediate pain relief and a soothing sensation. Cooling hydrogel Gel Spray for quick an..
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