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Compeed Medium Blister Plasters provide instant pain relief. Whilst forming a protective cushion, the plaster absorbs excess moisture and provides optimum healing conditions for foot blisters. Compeed hydrocolloid technology is a gel with moisture-absorbing particles. Thick cushioning redistributes ..
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Compeed Corn plasters contain hydrocolloid active gel technology which relieves pain immediately and helps remove the corn. Not only does it stay in place for days, it provides protection and cushioning from rubbing and pressure...
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Elastoplast Fabric Plasters are perfectly designed to cover a whole range of scratches, cuts and grazes. The material works by stretching with the skin’s movements making them suitable to be used over joints and other moveable parts of the body and thanks to the strong adhesive, they are guaranteed ..
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Elastoplast Finger Strips are perfect for covering all types of smaller wounds on fingers. The flexible fabric strips are extra-long and wrap around the finger twice allowing for additional support and extra hold. The flexible plasters are ideal for joints and easily adapt to body movements.S..
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Elastoplast Water Resistant plasters help to protect and cover smaller wounds, whilst repelling water and dirt. The pasters are made from a breathable material with strong adhesion to ensure that the plaster stays in place, whilst the non-stick wound pad helps to protect and cushion the wound. Elast..
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Even superficial wounds can become infected if they’re not cleansed effectively. Cleansing the wound is an essential first step for optimal healing and it is recommended for all types of wounds. Elastoplast Wound Spray is an easy to use spray for the antiseptic cleansing of minor acute wounds such a..
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The Neo G Ankle Support with figure of 8 Strap is designed to help provide dynamic support around the ankle complex. The adjustable figure of 8 strap helps provide added support and compression during sporting and occupational activities. The support helps to reduce excessive plantar flexion as well..
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Numark’s assorted plaster pack consists of a variety of plasters perfect for all kinds of everyday wounds such as scratches, cuts, and grazes. Numarks’ fabric plasters are flexible, making them perfect for covering wounds in awkward places where the plaster would normally fall off. The plasters are ..
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