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Finding the best vegan friendly products has never been so easy! We understand how difficult trying to find the right products to suit your lifestyle can be, that’s why we’ve created a category full of all our vegan-friendly products, making it so much easier to find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for vitamins, skincare products, contraception, or anything else vegan, we’re bound to have it here in our Vegan Shop.  

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray is specially formulated to offer relief from muscle stiffness and support natural muscle recovery. This spray is for use on joints and muscles to support relaxation and ease of movement – it’s a high-concentration magnesium mineral spray that is a saturated solutio..
Ex Tax:£8.86
Brand: Childs Farm
Childs Farm Baby Nappy Cream for happy bottoms is an award-winning cream that ensures your baby's bottom is fully moisturised to help protect them from irritation. The formula is created using aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter which each work to keep skin cells plump, helping to form a barrier..
Ex Tax:£2.70
Simple Kind to Skin Eye Make-up Remover is a makeup remover that is gentle on the skin and eyes. Its oil-free formula will remove your waterproof eye makeup whilst soothing the delicate eye area at the same time. It’s great for removing mascara without causing wrinkles under the eyes and it’s also s..
Ex Tax:£3.38
Brand: Vegums
Vegums A-Z Sugar-Free Multivitamins are completely vegan-friendly and contain a blend of 10 different vitamins and minerals such as B12, zinc and Vitamin K. B12 – Supports metabolism and creates healthy red blood cells  Zinc – Supports growth and development  Vitamin K – Regulates bone me..
Ex Tax:£18.29
Brand: Vegums
Vegums multivitamin vegan vitamins have been carefully created by vegan pharmacists specifically for anybody who enjoys a plant-based diet. The multivitamin gummy is packed with all the essential vitamins that you need in your diet which are often reduced by going plant-based – the tasty gummy conta..
Ex Tax:£14.84
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