Here at iPharm Online Pharmacy, we are dedicated to helping you and your family stay healthy all year round, but especially over winter. At iPharm, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we want to bring to light just some of the reasons why we think you should get the flu jab this winter. The flu shot is one of the only ways to protect yourself properly from getting the dreaded flu virus.

Where Can I Get A Flu Jab?

There are many places currently offering the flu jab, so why choose one of our pharmacies? Here at iPharm, we pride ourselves on providing an unbeatable, friendly and safe service. With over 45 pharmacies located across England, we endeavour to provide excellent services in each branch.

Our pharmacists are fully trained and we practice COVID-19 safety measures in branch, these measures are in accordance to guidelines set out by the government. So rest assured, your flu shot appointment will be fully secure and you can feel at ease knowing that our staff members will be wearing protective PPE equipment. You can find the nearest pharmacy to you by clicking here.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Flu Jab?

Immediate side effects of the flu jab are rare, but you will be asked to stay for five minutes just after your flu jab so our qualified pharmacist can make sure you are alright! Our Pharmacists are trained to manage all situations.

After your flu vaccination, you may experience a few side effects including:

  • A Sore Arm 

  • Muscle Aches

  • Slightly Raised Temperature

Most side effects are mild and only last for a day or so.

How Long Does It Take For A Flu Jab To Work? 

It takes two to three weeks to be completely protected against flu after getting your vaccination, so it is best to book in your flu jab as early as you can to ensure protection for as much of the flu season as possible.

Can You Catch The Flu From The Flu Jab?

The simple answer is no! You cannot catch the flu from the flu jab. Due to the fact that the flu jab consists of only inactive virus particles, it would be impossible for you to catch the flu from the shot itself.
If you contract the flu after getting your flu jab, it is likely that the vaccination has not had time to become fully effective, or you have picked up a different strain of influenza.

Still not sure if the flu jab is for you? Contact your local iPharm pharmacy today to discuss your options with our qualified pharmacists.