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Emergency Supplies

If you’ve ran out of your regularly prescribed medication and are in an urgent situation in which you’re unable to easily retrieve your normal prescription, you can use our Emergency Supplies service to receive an emergency dose of your medicine. To receive an emergency dose of your prescribed medication you will need to contact us by clicking here, sending an email to, or calling us on 0333 242 2199.  

Once our pharmacist is aware that you require an emergency dose, they will start by reviewing your medical records to ensure that you’re requesting the appropriate medicine. Once they are satisfied that you are entitled to the medicine you have requested, you will be required to complete a telephone call to discuss the situation with our pharmacist. Please remember that our Emergency Supplies service should only ever be used in a genuine emergency whereby you cannot access your normal prescription. Use of this service may incur a charge. 

iPharm is unable to dispense emergency doses of any controlled substances such as Morphine. 

Emergency Supplies FAQ

The emergency supplies service is available to anybody who takes regularly prescribed medication and has ran out of, or lost their medicine. This service should only be used as a last resort in an urgent situation where you cannot easily retrieve your regularly prescribed dose.
The emergency supplies service is only available to patients who order their prescriptions through iPharm – This is so that we’re able to view what medicines you are usually prescribed and ensure the medicine that you’re requesting is suitable for you.
To receive an emergency dose of a prescribed medicine our pharmacist will firstly review your patient medical records, once they are satisfied that you’re eligible for the requested medicine, and it’s something that we have available, they will require you to complete a telephone call to discuss the situation.Once approved we will post your medicine to you as soon as possible using our trusted next day delivery courier.
You should only use the emergency supplies service in a situation where you’re unable to retrieve your normal prescription and require a dose of your medicine before you’d be able to get access to your regularly prescribed order.
The cost of this service will vary depending on your situation and what medicine is required.
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