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Healthcare Advice

Understanding your health is extremely important, but with thousands of adults across the UK lacking a general level of knowledge regarding their own health and wellbeing, we knew we had to help, that’s why we’ve made it our personal mission to offer a free index of healthcare blogs to our customers, each one individually designed to increase awareness and educate on a variety of health-related topics including health conditions, common symptoms, medicines, health fads, dieting, lifestyle, food choices, and so much more. 

The information found in our healthcare blogs is based on the data and information found in books, health journals, blogs, and websites and are intended only to offer an understanding of the relevant topic. You should always consult a medical professional regarding any health concerns. 

Healthcare Advice FAQ

Our blogs are written by our in-house creative team who thoroughly research the topic of the given article to ensure its accuracy. While our blogs are designed to create awareness and provide a general understanding regarding a specific topic, we strongly advise that our readers discuss any heath concerns with a qualified healthcare professional.
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Absolutely, we send an email out to our newsletter subscribers every time we share a new blog, you can subscribe to the mailing list here.
You can visit the blog by selecting the ‘Healthcare Advice’ tab at the top of the page or clicking here to go straight to the page!
Our creative team work hard to find the most accurate information to ensure the quality of our blogs is to the standard that you would expect from iPharm, the information comes from a range of sources including health websites, journals, books, and blogs. We may used a variety of other sources to collect our information.
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