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Holiday Healthcare

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or already have one booked, it’s important to ensure that you meet all the medical requirements necessary to enter and return from your destination country. Our team of qualified pharmacists here at iPharm are all medically trained and able to offer holiday healthcare advice regarding medical requirements, anti-malaria treatment, and immunisation requirements for all travellers no matter where you’re planning to go!

We recommend that you arrange to speak to our pharmacy team regarding your travel health requirements at least six to eight weeks before you are due to travel – This will allow for enough time for any required immunisations to be taken and effective prior to leaving the country.

Holiday Healthcare FAQ

Our team of pharmacists are trained medical professionals who are qualified to offer advice related to your travel.
Due to the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic the requirements for vaccination will vary depending on a country-by-country basis and are subject to change based on the restrictions set out by foreign governments.For the latest Covid-19 entry requirements please refer to the UK Government website:
Travel restrictions placed on specific countries are subject to change based on the restrictions set out by the UK government. Please refer to the UK Government website for the latest information:
You can still use NHS services whilst travelling abroad.For urgent, but not life-threatening conditions such as a broken or fractured bone, sprains, burns, or when your GP surgery is closed and you cannot wait until it reopens you can use 111 to receive medical advice.For non-urgent advice, you can still contact your own GP while abroad.
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